Pros and Cons of an IQ Test

I think you have known what IQ and an IQ test is since they are in many TV shows, magazines, etc. And you can find it on the internet as well by typing keyword ‘IQ test’ or ‘intelligence test’. All you get is a page of multiple-choice questions and all should do is to select the right answers as quick as possible. After submitting the result, you will get how much your IQ is. In this article, I will show you the pros and cons of an IQ test.




1. If you want to hire someone for a job, you can know better about the intelligence of applicants by testing their IQ. The test may be on the linguistic, spatial or logical intelligence and can be related to the work. A score of an applicant could show whether the applicant is suitable for the job. You can eliminate those do not get a good score.


2. University entrance. You could find good students by an IQ test for measuring the intelligence scores as well as the SAT scores of them. This would be very helpful if there are very few places in this course to suit those wanting to study. You can choose high scorers if IQ tests and send rejection letters to those who could not make the grade.




1. An IQ test is though far from infallible. A lot of people who have had a good IQ score in the interview process cannot do well at work.


2. Initially, university students showed their promising scores of their IQ test but latter they seem not to be not as good when studying. Studies showed that a self-discipline of a student is even a better indication of how well they can do in school, college or university. Even many top IQ scorers are overwhelmed by those with lower IQ.


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